Principles Module 10


  • Describe the structure of an amino acid
  • Discuss the formation of peptide bonds
  • Explain the hierarchical nature of protein structure
  • Provide examples of protein function following structure

Key points

  • All amino acids are the same except for their functional group
  • the order of amino acids in a polypeptide determines structure
  • primary, secondary, tertiary, quaternary structure
    • H-bonds determine many interactions within structure
    • disruption of H-bonds by heat, pH change can denature
  • protein functions: metabolism, signaling, transport, structure, movement, defense

In-class activities

We did some interactive quizzes on this topic in class, which are embedded below for your review:

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The correct answer is 20 amino acids.

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The correct answer is the third option: functional group, amino acid, polypeptide.

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The correct answer is x-ray crystallography.