Cell Structure

Principles Module 14

Principles Module 15

Principles Module 16

Zoologger: The cyanobacteria destined to be organelles

Unicellular Cyanobacterium Symbiotic with a Single-Celled Eukaryotic Alga

Inner Life of a Cell – YouTube


  • Identify the main structures of a eukaryotic cell and their function
  • Describe the components of the cytoskeleton and their functions
  • Discuss the extracellular structures in animal and plant cells

Key points

  • structure/function of all cellular components: nucleus, ribosomes, ER, Golgi, lysosome, peroxisome, vacuole, vesicles, mitochondria, chloroplast
    • protein synthesis and processing
    • secretion
  • structure/function of cytoskeleton: microtubules, microfilaments, intermediate filaments
  • extracellular structures, especially plant cell walls
  • endosymbiotic theory

In-class activities

  • Work in groups to map the cell and its components
  • Read the article Zoologger: The cyanobacteria destined to be organellesand answer the following questions:
    • What observation led the researchers to suspect the cyanobacterium formed a symbiosis with another organism?
    • What property does the cyanobacterium have that the alga needs?
    • What are the implications of this work for agriculture?